About VetConnectNYC

New York City is home to hundreds of veteran­-serving organizations along with one of the most diverse veteran populations in the country. These resources are located throughout the five boroughs and offer a multitude of services for the city’s military ­connected population. However, due to the unique landscape of New York City, it can be difficult for veterans, service members and their families to identify and connect to the services that are right for them.

Who We Serve

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The New York City Department of Veterans’ Services works to support every service member, veteran, survivor and family member who lives, attends school, or works in New York City, regardless of discharge status, length of service, or era of service. While not all services are available to everyone, our Care Coordinators strive to find the best resources for everyone.

How it Works

The VetConnectNYC difference: There are no shortage of websites linking to resources. What makes VetConnectNYC different is our coordination center: real people, trained as professional case managers, standing by ready to help you. The process is simple: input or call us with your information and we’ll get to work, matching you with the right services at the right time. What’s more, our coordination team will make sure you’re only matched with services you’re eligible for. Browse through our Services page or give us a call at 1-844-347-9244 to learn more about what that includes.

Whole of life approach: Most people need more than one thing. If you’re new to NYC and looking for a job, chances are you might be looking for an apartment as well. It might also be useful to connect with a peer mentor who already knows the ins and outs of the city. VetConnectNYC can connect you to all of these things: just let our case managers know what you’re looking for and they can help put together a suite of services for you.

VetConnectNYC puts you – the service member, veteran, survivor, or family member – at the center of all our work, no matter what your era of service, length of service, or discharge status. The process is simple: you reach out to us, and we find the services you’ve earned and are eligible for. VetConnectNYC is your one-stop shop for services in New York City.

Who We Are

VetConnectNYC is run by the New York City Department of Veterans’ Services (DVS). Our sole purpose is helping service members, veterans, survivors, and families find the resources they need to live fulfilling and purpose-driven lives. To learn more about New York City’s investment in its service members and veterans, visit nyc.gov/vets.