NYServes – New York City Test

New York City (NYC) is no stranger to being the landing zone for transitional populations and many returning veterans,service members and their families now call the city home. Since it is a destination supporting wide-scale immigration and education, NYC has a very proud history supporting members of the United State military and their families.

Traditions such as the United States Navy’s ‘Fleet Week’ and Veterans Day Parades have become symbolic and pragmatic ‘anchors’ to the city’s support and embrace of the nation’s armed forces. NYC is also known for having some of the best paying jobs in the country, the best private institutions of higher education with Columbia, Fordham and NYU, but also some of best public colleges with the CUNY system serving thousands of returning Post 9/11 veterans using their earned education benefits.

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs operates some of the health care system’s largest, most innovative and busiest medical centers, outpatient clinics and Vet Centers across the city, as well as its own Benefits Regional Office. Brooklyn’s own Fort Hamilton continues to serve the needs of the Department of Defense through its joint and combined, Active, Guard and Reserve formations. NYC is also home to some of the nation’s premier public, private and nonprofit organizations serving the nearly 220k veterans across the 5 Boroughs. Whether you are a retiring O-5 looking for a new career, or a hard-charging E-3 looking to take your career to the next level, this city is poised to support your post service goals and aspirations.

NYServes – New York City was the 1st AmericaServes market and has been operational for over a year. Bold and transformative in its approach to comprehensive service delivery from a unified platform, NYServes – New York City’s origins are rooted in a challenge within the philanthropic sector to see a better, more coordinated services for those who served their country.

Led by The Robin Hood Foundation, the initiative’s goals were simple: break down the siloed approach prevailing in human services, particularly in the veteran space, and position the city’s vast resources from the public, private and nonprofit sectors to be more open and accessible by all. The Institute for Veterans and Military Families (IVMF) and Unite US answered this called with a collective impact-based effort that introduced greater coordination, accountability and transparency across human service providers operating within a network modeled after those coming to market in healthcare.